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Pet+E.R. Veterinarian Mentorship Program

Pet+E.R.’s “In Case of Emergency” veterinarian mentorship program will put you on an accelerated growth track to becoming a highly skilled emergency veterinary medicine clinician.

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In Case of Emergency is a six-month accelerated program that provides exposure and monitored clinical training in emergency veterinary medicine to new graduates and/or general practitioners with clinical practice experience.

Participants in the ICE curriculum learn in a mentored, experiential environment where they grow the skills needed to advance their ER clinical competence in a real-time, real-life emergency medicine practice.

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ICE mentees receive the same benefits as a full-time emergency clinician at our practice, including:

  • Competitive salary

  • Benefits including: medical, dental, vision, and professional liability

  • Licensure reimbursement

  • Uniform allowance

  • Continuing education allowance

  • Cross-exposure to multiple specialty practices, co-located in our building. Among these specialists are board-certified criticalists, surgeons, internists, oncologists, neurologists, and dentists.

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“In Case of Emergency” is designed to create a foundation of emergency and critical care education that allows the ICE clinician to work without supervision by the sixth month of their mentorship.

Our 6 Month Schedule

Month 1

  • Day, swing, or night shift with direct supervision of an experienced ER clinician

  • Rotate through shifts, mirroring their mentors’ schedule directly for the month

Month 2-3

  • Shadow a combination of their primary and secondary mentors on a variety of shifts.

  • This allows for exposure to a variety of emergency and critical cases both during the day, when other specialists are available for cases with comorbidities, and overnight when resources are less available.

Month 4-6

  • ICE clinicians will have primary case responsibility as either day or swing doctors at one of our two locations. Assistance is available via indirect supervision, phone calls, and text messages.

Notable Considerations

  • Average 50-hour work week not to exceed 15 12-hour shifts per month.

  • At least one day per week without assigned clinical or educational requirements.

  • No more than four shifts in a row without a day off.

  • ICE clinicians will be assigned to shifts at both Pet+E.R. locations, but approximately 80% of scheduled shifts will take place at the clinician’s requested primary location.

Full-time employment is available to ICE clinicians who excel in the four primary performance review categories: case management, medical records, communication, and teamwork.