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Pet + ER Columbia - Curbside Check-In

Thank you for choosing the Pet+ER to care for your pet. If your pet is experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call in to the main hospital number (410) 441-3304 and we will assist you to check in.

To protect our clients and our staff we have implemented a curbside triage process. If possible, please remain in your car with your pet and follow the link to begin the check in process.

The Pet+ER functions exactly like a human ER with a triage based intake system. A triage technician will come and get your pet from the car and take them inside to assess their vitals. Once we have established this triage level (1-3), we will put your pet in line to be seen by the veterinarian based on their current status. We strive to see all emergencies in a timely manner, however, some treatments can safely be delayed while we stabilize other critical patients first. Our staff will do their very best to keep you updated throughout this process and continue monitoring your pet until they can be seen by a veterinarian.

Our staff will be able to provide you with intermittent updates on wait times and the status of your pet via this messaging platform. Please do not hesitate to send us a message and a caring staff member will get back to you as quickly as possible.

By continuing on and registering with Pet+ER, I understand the exam fee of $110 is due at the time of service.